Web Design

Each website will be unique to you and your business. We focus on simple navigation, and will structure your site, including the most important content you need to provide to the customer.  The first step in getting online is to have a one on one consultation with you. This is where the seed of your ideas will flourish and we can get an idea of what you have in mind for your website. We now have an idea of what your website needs. At this stage we begin to break down the structure of each page and begin the initial mock design of the website. We highlight the need for you to have your content ready so the process can run smoothly without any problems. Your website is now designed and ready to go. We review every section of the website to ensure that you’re happy with every aspect of the design and content structure. This is the last step before we launch. You have now reached the end of the design process, and the beginning of your online presence. Upon completion of your site, we are now ready to launch.